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How To Deal And Heal Things That Get Under The Skin

December 30, 2018 3 Comments
Ascending or descending a hilly region can be quite dangerous when you are enjoying a trip. You may stumble on cactus, spines, splinters or thorns at some point or the other. The sharp little things may prick the skin and cause wounds. So, rather than neglecting the injury, you would have to source a first-aid kit for dealing with the problem. But, before moving any step further, you should know how to treat a thorn puncture and tips you need to follow.
How To Deal And Heal Things That Get Under The Skin
Ways In Which You Can Treat A Thorn Puncture

Once you checking the first-aid kit, you should look for the items mentioned below
  • Small and pointed tweezers
  • A multi-purpose tool with springs and needle-nose pliers
  • A pocket knife with a sharp blade
  • A lighter for disinfecting the blade
  • Water and saline
  • Saline wash along with bandages and an antibiotic ointment

Before you climb the hill, make sure that you have taken a tetanus injection.


Initially, you need to disinfect the instrument while packing your bag. You can either heat the item with a lighter while you are traveling or use disinfectants. This would certainly help to clear away germs especially when you have to deal with things inside the skin.

In case you are planning to disinfect a needle with fire, then you can gather some wood and build a campfire. Later, you must hold the needle over the flame until it becomes slightly red in color. If you observe black soot, then you shouldn’t bother to wipe it off. Afterward, you should let the metal cool down in a natural way.

If you can spare time, then you can also boil the instrument for a time span of 20 minutes. Just pull out your smartphone and start checking the time through a stopwatch. Then you need to remove the instrument, allow it to cool down and clean it with a piece of cloth.

If you don’t prefer using fire, then you can use iodine or isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting the blade. Soon after soaking the instrument in the solution, you should stir it well and remove it after a couple of minutes.

The Best Way To Remove A Thorn Or Splinter

After sterilizing the instrument, you have to be smart in removing the pointed object. Never waste time removing the splinter or else it might lead to skin infection.
The Best Way To Remove A Thorn Or Splinter
Now, let’s look at the steps as elaborated below

Initially, you need to the flashlight on the affected area. Ideally, it’s better to use a headlamp so that you can direct the beam wherever you need to.

Now, you need to grab the splinter’s end using pliers or tweezers. If you are fortunate, then you have can figure out the end and grab it easily. But, if it’s buried deep then you need to prove with your fingers. A gentle backward and forward motion would help you yank out the splinter effortlessly.

In case of splinters buried inside the skin, you may have cut the skin with a scalpel. Do be careful while you are performing the task and make sure that you cut along the axis of the splinter. 

Now, you have to be tricky when it’s to pull out the splinter. Hold the tweezers firmly and take your time to remove the sharp object. In case the splinter breaks midway, then the job would be much harder than you have expected.

If a little bit of the object is still inside the skin, then that can lead to the formation of pus. However, the mild infection can also be the prime cause for fever. You may have to face the consequences if the area is not treated properly. So, over a period of time, it’s always a good idea to check for a skin infection and something serious like blood poisoning or septicemia.

Once the splinter is removed, you need to wash you’re the area with an antibacterial soap. A sterile bandage would help cover up the wound as it won’t be in direct contact with air.

Way For Removing Cactus Needles

If the end of the needle is clearly visible, then you can hold tweezers and pull it gently. For a needle buried inside the skin, you need to trace the tip and push it out with a gentle hand.
Way For Removing Cactus Needles
Next, you need to brush off glochids with the help of nylon stocking. Before taking any step, you have to wear gloves spread nylon pantyhose. After a few seconds, the adhesive power of the tape would aid in dealing with glochids without any skin irritation.

For the cactus hair, you should apply some rubber cement with a cotton swab. As soon as the adhesive dries out, the edges can be pulled out steadily and slowly. Try repeating the process several times during the day so that you would be able to remove many needles.

In case the area starts paining, then you should take a standard dose of acetaminophen.

In the end, you have to dress the wound and clean the area with fresh water. Once the dirt has been removed completely, you shouldn’t forget to apply an antibiotic cream.

Way For Removing Porcupine Quills

As you scan the area for quills, you should use hemostats or flat head pliers. As hold the object, you should position the hemostats just above the area. 
Way For Removing Porcupine Quills
Once you have pulled the quill slowly, you shouldn’t twist it since it’s likely to break. Always think about pulling the object at the same angle at which it had entered the skin.

Later, you have to scan the area and check whether there are broken quills. Get in touch with the doctor in such a situation. If you are unable to go to the doctor, then you should sterilize tongs, let them cool down and remove the broken tip from the wound.

Now, you need to wipe the wound with a cotton ball soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide. Sterile alcohol pads that come with first-aid kits would also be useful. Think about using a mild soap if nothing is available at the medical store.

You then have to apply an antibiotic cream, wrap them with a bandage and monitor the wounds for infection. In case the pain persists, then you should take a rabies vaccine as quickly as possible. 

Finally, you should always reduce the chances of getting pricked when you are moving around. To keep yourself away from porcupines, you should always step out when the animals are inactive. 

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Eat These 12 Foods Regularly to Keep Hormonal Imbalance in Check

December 04, 2018 4 Comments
If you think of your body as a clockwork machine, hormones are the fuel that helps each part function the way it is supposed to. With a pretty amazing variety of hormones secreting and circulating through our bodies, they keep functions like metabolism and reproduction going the right way. However, the slightest of imbalances in hormone secretion and circulation can throw your body off guard, and cause multiple complications, including ones that hamper your weight, fertility and coping with stress mechanisms. 
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Matching steps with changing lifestyles, we must also update our diet regularly at each stage of our lives. And if you thought you could shrug off hormonal imbalances just because you are young, well you are wrong. A growing number of young adults, especially students, often have to resort to taking assignment help online due to illnesses mostly contracted as a result of hormonal imbalances. This post thus talks about the 12 foods that can help restore your hormonal balance, leading you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

12 super-foods you need for balancing your hormones

Around 50 hormones constitute our entire bodies, but a few are more important than others. The essential hormones control important functions like reproduction, weight, and stress factors for our bodies. Read on to know the three primary types of hormones and the foods that can help bring about a balance in them. 

Thyroid hormones

Responsible for energy and metabolism functions, thyroid hormones include calcitonin, T3, and T4. The pituitary gland secretes TSH that regulates thyroid levels in the body. Sometimes, an inability to create thyroid hormones, iodine deficiency and autoimmunity issues may hamper thyroid production, and attack thyroid tissue. Here are 4 wonder foods that help keep thyroid levels in check.

1. Seaweed

Ever wondered why the people from the Far East have lesser hormonal imbalance-related health issues? It is because they have a steady flow of seaweed or sea vegetables in their diet. Eating seaweed like wakame, dulse, nori, kombu and hijiki will help you load up on iodine, which helps in creating thyroid hormones in our body. Time for a visit to that sushi place round the corner, eh?

2. Spinach

Spinach has tonnes of iron. It enhances the thyroid functions of the body, and helps in producing thyroid hormones. With a fair share of vitamin B content, spinach can also be a ready cure for fatigue and sluggishness. Take a cue from Popeye, the sailor-man, and load up on your daily spinach intake!

3. Brazil nuts

Loaded with selenium, two brazil nuts a day can keep thyroid issues at bay! Selenium, an antioxidant, works to protect the thyroid gland and convert T4 into T3, the active thyroid hormone. What’s more, they taste awesome as well!

4. Quinoa

Almost all celebrity diets contain quinoa, and rightly so. An excellent source of minerals, protein and fibre, quinoa helps in keeping up the pace in your bowels. It is also a fabulous source of zinc, a mineral that helps in manufacturing thyroid hormones. Bookmark those quinoa recipes today!

Reproductive hormones

Reproductive hormones like oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone regulate our reproduction, libido, and organ growth. Apart from puberty or menopause, poor diet or lifestyle choices and exposure to toxins can often create an imbalance in our reproductive hormones. Here are 4 foods that can help regulate that. 

5. Organic tempeh

“Any great nutritionist would swear by their miso bowls”, says Norah Hopkins, senior subject matter expert. A mother of two, she suffered from hormonal imbalances that led to reproductive complications, and now she’s all about organic tempeh. Recounting her experience, she says that beta-glucuronidase enzymes in miso and tempeh help to combat oestrogen-related cancers and are rich in probiotics, which are essential in balancing the oestrogen hormone. 

6. Flax seeds

Flax seeds contain antioxidants. Hence, it should be a part of any healthy diet. However, for people with a hormonal imbalance, it can be the magic food that cures it all. Flax seeds are a superb source of phytoestrogens that help in the excretion of excess oestrogen from our bodies. Flax seeds are great in combating other hormone-related issues like breast cancer, osteoporosis, and menopausal symptoms as well. Quick tip: do not refrigerate flax seeds, or they lose their antioxidant properties!

7. Broccoli

Broccolis are rich in glucosinolates, a type of sulphur compound that eliminates and neutralises carcinogens. Additionally, broccoli also has isothiocyanates and indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that are great for preventing oestrogen-related cancers. To top it all off, broccolis are high in fibre, which helps eliminate excess reproductive hormones through regular bowel movements. 

8. Wild salmon

Loaded in vitamin D, salmons help manufacture our reproductive hormones. They also increase testosterone levels, and power up bone health and immunity of our bodies. Salmon has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to reduce breast cancer and prostate cancer risks. So don’t hesitate to order that appetising salmon entree the next time you decide to dine out!

Adrenal hormones

Adrenal hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, aldosterone and DHEA help us manage stress. Insomnia, poor diet choices and prolonged exposure to emotional and physical stress lead to adrenal hormone imbalances. The following 4 foods can bring adrenal hormones back on track. 

9. Eggs

One of the most versatile of foods, eggs are awesome in so many ways! Choline vitamins from eggs help our bodies manufacture neurotransmitter acetylcholine which keeps the nervous system, memory and brain health in check. The anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids from eggs protect and support the brain in its normal functions, keeping stress levels in check as well. Always remember to pick organic or farm-hatched ones to bring egg-scellent health your way!

10. Kale

Kale gives you vitamin A, B and C. This dark and leafy vegetable works wonders for keeping up your adrenaline levels. That, in turn, keeps nervous systems running smoothly. This antioxidant-enriched veggie is a great weapon against stress, bringing down the damage levels remarkably. If you think kale smoothies are taking it too far, try pasta or salad recipes with the same!

11. Bell peppers

Vitamin C is essential for the functions of the adrenal glands. Bell peppers have tonnes of them! Our adrenals usually store up on vitamin C reserves and stress makes us use most of it. Bell peppers replenish vitamin C levels for our adrenal glands. Bell peppers also have loads of vitamin B to offer that energises us, and keep a check on our stress levels. The best thing is, bell peppers go with any diet, and taste yum too!

12. Avocado

Adrenal hormones are prone to recurring issues due to fluctuating blood sugar levels, and too much sweet intake hinders the functions of the adrenal glands. Avocados help combat the rising blood sugar levels. They are loaded with healthy fats that support our nervous systems. Top that with a healthy dose of vitamin B5 to handle stress like a pro, and you have got a winner among the veggies, right here! Indulge in that guac platter all you like, for avocados are friends for your adrenal hormones.

Parting words

One look at cooking channels on YouTube will tell you that eating healthy can have a super-tasty twist too! From quinoa piecrusts to energising kale smoothies, there’s a lot you can do with the healthy, hormone-balancing foods listed above. Include the 12 foods in your diet, and you will never have to worry about hormonal imbalance, ever again! Here’s wishing you a happier and healthier life ahead!

Author bio: 

Gracie Anderson, an Adelaide-based nutritionist, offers swift assignment expert for students through EssayAssignmenthelp. A part-time blogger by choice, she enjoys writing about healthy eating habits that can help people inch closer towards their goals of physical and mental well-being. 

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Myths and Truth about the Valuable Properties of Juice

November 29, 2018 8 Comments
Can one find vitamins in packaged juice? 
What juice is best to drink through a straw?

It is more useful to eat a whole fruit or vegetable than to drink juice from it. This is true. Fruits and vegetables contain dietary fibers, which, not digested, pass through the gastrointestinal tract and remove the products of metabolism, excess cholesterol, glucose. 
As a result, they contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes of the second type. Packaged juices, because of the high sugar content (which it is often added by manufacturers as a natural preservative) are not recommended to those who have elevated blood sugar levels. 

However, there are people who have certain violations in the work of the digestive organs, and therefore they do not tolerate cellulose. It is better for them to replace vegetables and fruits with juices.

Juicesare better to drink on an empty stomach. Not all of them, of course. It is not recommended to drink juices before meals to patients with increased secretion of the stomach, since they negatively affect the mucosa. 

However, if the acidity of the stomach is lowered, then drinking juice on an empty stomach is useful. Juices, especially vegetable ones, stimulate the production of gastric enzymes, so they are useful to drink to improve digestion before eating.

Juice, like fruit, is useful in any quantity. Still, drinking juices as water is not worth it. In addition to useful vitamins and macro- and microelements, juices, especially fruit juices, contain a lot of sugar. 

For example, apple juice contains 9-11% (this is fructose, glucose and sucrose), while the grape one up to 15%. The fat enters the body not only with food, as it is being synthesized from sugar. The fastest of all is soluble sugar. Therefore, it is recommended to drink no more than 0.5-1 cup of freshly squeezed juice.

Freshly squeezed juice can be stored in the refrigerator. It is possible, but it must be taken into account that after cooking, useful substances and vitamins start to volatilize immediately and vitamin C is quickly destroyed. 

Therefore, freshly squeezed juice should be drunk no later than 10 minutes after cooking. Otherwise, it will not differ much from the packaged one. By the way, the open package of juice should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than a day - then mold begins to start there. Moreover, not always it can be seen right away.

Juices should be diluted with water. This is recommended for children and the elderly. The child often asks for juice to quench his thirst, and parents agree, thinking that the juice is better than water. 

However, the more sugar in the juice, the more thirst it will cause - that is, the child will want to drink again and again. If you dilute the juice with water 1:1, the child willquench his thirst faster. If there is a tendency to flatulence, bloating (such problems often occur in the elderly, when the normal micro flora of the intestine is disturbed), it is also better to dilute the juice. The abundance of sugars - glucose, fructose - enhances the processes of fermentation in the intestine.

Juices from acidic fruits, such as citrus, destroy the enamel of the teeth. The reason for this is a large amount of organic acids. To exclude therisk, you can drink this juice through the straw so that it does not come in contact with the teeth. 

Alternatively,you can brush your teeth immediately after drinking citrus juice. At least, immediately rinse your mouth. Under the influence of organic acids, tooth enamel softens and is more easily destroyed by the action of a brush and paste.

Vegetable juices, for example, beetroot, it is better to mix with others. First, so you add brightness to the taste, because vegetable juices are more neutral than fruit juices. 

Second, dilute the too high concentration. In particular, beet juice should first be allowed to settle for an hour or two, and then mixed with apple, carrot or cabbage juices.

Some juices have medicinal properties. These include, for example, beet juice and chokeberry juice. They promote the expansion of blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Therefore, you need to use them very if you suffer from low blood pressure. 

It should be noted that the juice of chokeberry can cause constipation. Therefore, before choosing a juice to correct any health problems, it is better to consult a doctor.

Children's juices are more useful than those that are intended only for adults. This is true in the sense that stricter requirements are imposed on the production of juices. It is not a fact at all that mixture of juices contains more vitamins. 

There is another nuance here. Strict quality and safety indicators are set for mono juices (from one fruit or vegetable). 

There are no vitamins in packaged juice. If it is juice of direct pressing, and not recovered from the concentrate, and the manufacturer has not violated the production technology (pasteurized at a temperature of no higher than 80-90 degrees for a short time - less than a minute, to exclude the development of harmful microflora), then the biologically active substances and vitamins will remain in juice. In addition, some manufacturers specifically add vitamin C to the juice.

It is better to buy juices than nectars. Juice nectar contains a maximum of 50of juice. However, there are fruits, from which 100% juice can not be made (for example, bananas, peaches, apricots), or this juice will be too concentrated and sour (for example, cherry juice). Therefore, cherries are usually made with nectar, where the content of cherry juice is 35-45% and it is mixed with sugar, apple juice or water.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a very talented writer, who knows everything about modern topics. You can read her posts written


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It may sound strange, but it is quite possible to make a meat dish vegetarian. Of course, it will contain no meat at all, but its nutritional balance will be just the same. The vegetarian dish that can fully substitute meat is called “seitan”.
Seitan is a nutritious, high-calorie, protein-rich product, called "wheat meat" by some people, or simply "gluten." This is one of the best 100% vegan meat substitutes. From it, you can cook a variety of dishes, similar in taste to beef, pork, or chicken, etc. Seitane "meat" can be made soft - as if baked in a pot, or hard - like a chop. If you've ever tried a vegan dish from "beef" or even "chicken" in a Chinese restaurant, then you've tried the seitan.

In some specialized vegan shops, as well as in large supermarkets, you can find and buy ready-to-eat dishes from seitan, but making a seitan at home is cheaper and much more interesting, and - with some experience - palatable.

Some people "extract" seitan out of wheat flour: it needs to be washed to remove starch and leave pure gluten. However, of course, it's much quicker and easier to buy a dried seitan.

The preparation of a seitan from a semi-finished product leaves you a large space for imagination - cooking it is not so "straightforward" as one might think, as it's not a rice! You can cook a variety of dishes, but here you need some skills. Having gained a little experience, you will be able to cook the most delicious vegan "meat" dishes. Let’s proceed!

1. Ingredients

Theoretically, you can eat seitan having unpacked it and boiled. However, who wants to get a plate of unattractive food of grey color? Therefore, other products, such as pea or chickpea flour, are often added to the seitan, as they make it softer. 

Softness can be achieved by mixing some food yeast into the seitan - which, in addition, enrich the dish with vitamins. Among the liquid products that can be added to the seitan are: vegetable broth, olive oil, tamari sauce, soy sauce or liquid amino acids. 

Solid foods include another flour and spices. Having mixed the shredded seitan, solid and liquid ingredients together, we get a "dough" - here we are halfway to the perfect food on your plate! It is clear that if you want to cook something like vegan "mutton ribs", then the dough should be kneaded more. The variety of the recipes is amazing, just try them!

2. Spices outside, spices inside

As well as meat, imitated by seitan, it must be flavored with spices. However, seitan even wins in this sense, because it is a more convenient product, as spices can be added to it both "outside" and "inside"!

For example, if you want to give the future "meat" a special taste “like a chop”, try to add a little tomato paste in the mixing step of the dough.

If you suddenly missed the taste of a real chop - it's worth pouring a little cumin, coriander, oregano and paprika into the seitan - they are traditionally used in cooking steaks and will add credence to your tasty dish.

Moreover, if you want a seitan "chicken", "pork" or something more neutral to taste - use ready-made vegan flavoring, sauces or broths. Alternatively, it is even easier and more affordable to add thyme and sage.

After the soybean dough is ready you can also add spices. How to cook it? The easiest way is to put out a little oil in a frying pan - it will turn out to be a crust. Slices of seitan can first be fried in flour with spices, and then boiled in a soup.

Seitan in small pieces is better to be seasoned with garlic powder, salt from celery, black or cayenne pepper. In seitan "ribs" and "steaks" it is good to rub a mixture of spices 15 minutes before frying. 

For example make a mixture:
  • 2 tablespoons of dry mustard powder,
  • 2 tablespoons of garlic powder,
  • 1 tablespoon of ground black pepper,
  • 2 tablespoons of powder of smoked paprika,
  • 2 tablespoons of salt,
  • 1 tablespoon of crushed dried thyme
  • 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper (you will get 1/3 cup of a mixture of spices, which will be enough for a long time).

3. Learn how to knead a seitan dough

Seitan dough, just like any dough, must first be mix with water and knead. The more you knead the soybean dough, the more elastic will be the final product! If you want to get a soft seitan - knead it a bit. The most part of the recipes with the seitan recommends mixing the seitanic flour with water and kneading for 3 minutes. Then you have to let it stand for about 10 minutes, and then to knead for another 3 minutes. When you mix the seitan, you will feel how its consistency changes, the liquid flour becomes more elastic - it forms gluten. If the dough can be stretched, and then it immediately shrinks back - this is the desired elasticity, and the final product will be similar to meat.

4. Stewed seitan

The most common method of cooking seitan is to put it on low heat. Therefore, it turns out soft. However, it's not so easy.

It is important to stew seitan on the slow fire, otherwise - if water boils and boils - you can get a "rubber sponge".

5. Baked seitan

Many people like to bake seitan - yes, it really can be very tasty! This, in fact, is also the simplest method - no foil, no steamer, no pans with broth are necessary! In addition, this dish does not need to stand until tomorrow, it's tasty at once. Particularly suitable this method of preparation is, if you decide to make "ribs" or something stronger than stewed seitan, which usually turns out soft.

Oil the frying pan and lay out the dough and let it stand it as mentioned above. You can stretch or grind seitan "cutlets" in a pan as you like, and, if necessary, cut into smaller pieces. Then put a mixture of spices on top, and bake for an hour or so - the seitan should bake to hardness. Take the baking sheet out onto the stove. When sticking again, cut the "sausages" and put the finished product on a dish. Then you can add sauce and finally eat it! Alternatively, bring it to perfection in the framework of another, an additional recipe.

The good news is that although the preparation of a seitan requires some time and skill, the end result can be much better than a ready-made dish from the store! In addition, there is nothing to limit your creative culinary fantasy.

As you see, you can make a meat dish vegetarian and vice versa. All you have to do is to find the recipe to your taste and cook it consequently. 

About The Author 

Melisa Marzett is a woman, who has incredible skills in writing. You are welcome to check for her works at essay editors from essaycorrector. She will impress you with her manner of writing and exquisite style. 

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"Increase Your Immunity to Avoid Chest Pain, Cold, and Flu during Cold Weather Season"!!!

November 28, 2018 3 Comments
The sudden changes in weather can weaken your immunity if you are not prepared in advance. The common reason behind this impact of weather is either virus or bacteria. Normally the weather changes cause cold or flu in some severe conditions it also led to chest pain. The symptoms of cold are running nose, headache, fever, cold, cough, congestion and much more, which are not a serious issue but can be painful and irritating at the same time.Most of the health conditions can be avoided if the immune system of the body is strong.
Here is a list of some Ayurvedic remedies which can strengthen your immunity and helps you in avoiding that unwanted cough or sneeze or pain.

Consume High Nutrient Food Diet

Include vitamin C in your diet which is considered as the best Ayurvedic treatment of chest allergy.  You can include citrus food and vegetables in your diet as they are highly rich in vitamin C. 

Apart from this try to include dark green, yellow and red colored fruits in your diet because their fruits will make your immune system stronger. You should eat juicy fruits; juicy fruits help in removing toxins from your body. 

Be Hygienic: Wash your hands repetitively 

It is normal to get in contact with several kinds of germs throughout the day. So, it is time to wash your hands regularly from time to time such that you can stay hygienic and away from virus or bacteria. If you have a habit of touching your nose, mouth, and eye then get rid of this habit because this allows viruses to enter your body and to weaken your immune system. 

Cleanliness & Temperature: Keep your surrounding clean and humid 

Dry air is more prone to viruses and bacteria. This is the main reason why we get more prone to cold, chest pain and flu during winters. Create a great environment that is really very healthy for your body and mental health. Try to use disinfectant solutions to keep your air, floor and surrounding clean plus a little warm. Always remember that most of the germs cannot survive in too high temperature.

Hydration is the Key: Drink plenty amount of water and juices 

Drinking plenty amount of water and juices can help you to stay hydrated and can flush out toxins from your body. If you are suffering from the cold, then drinking enough of water will make your mucus thinner such that it can fight against that bacteria and viruses which are trying to enter into the nose. 

Other than this water flushes our toxins from the body and enhance the immune system of the one. 

Adopt a great lifestyle 

According to Ayurveda, bad lifestyle is the main cause of any health problem we suffer from. That is why adopting a better and healthy lifestyle is considered the best Ayurvedic Treatment of Chest Allergy. 
  • Avoid smoking 
  • Avoid consuming much alcohol because consuming much alcohol can make you feel stressed and can weaken your immune system. It will get more prone to infection, bacteria, and viruses. 
  • Try to stay fit. Maintain an exercise routine on daily basis to keep your body fit, it will also enhance your immune system. 
  • Get plenty of sleep, resting your body and mind will help you in having a strong immune system. 
  • Avoid foods that are processed as well as foods which contains a high amount of sugar. Eat fresh and nutritional foods to enhance the immune system of your body. This is the best Ayurvedic remedy for chest pain as well as prevents cold and flu. 

How to prevent cold, flu?

Younger children are more prone to getting cold and flu as compare to the elder ones. It is because they do not take a tissue paper and forget to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing. This spreads the virus all around. Thus, you should make your child learn some points such that they can save themselves from cold and flu. 


Cold and flu do not fall in the category of severe problems, but still, this can be embarrassing and irritating. That is why it becomes really very important to improve your immune system to prevent colds, flu and chest pain plus chronic diseases in future.  

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Rules of Nutrition for Those Who Want to Increase Weight

November 27, 2018 8 Comments
We all know that in the world obsessed with a variety of diets for weight loss, there are almost no voices of those who want to gain a few pounds. Sometimes it is just indeed necessary for health, for example, when girls with low weight have problems with their reproductive function. However, more often, people try to gain weight for the sake of a beautiful relief. In both cases, it is not about gaining weightby fat, but increasing muscles. 
Rules of Nutrition for Those Who Want to Increase Weight

Follow this simple expert guidance from those who have already been where you want to go. You will seamlessly get the tips on how not to be skinny, but at the same time eat several healthy, but completely dense foods. Hope that all these recommendations will help you make these changes less stressful and even more stylish. Are you guys ready to take a wise and intelligent approach to weight gain? Do not break the rules if you want to see a result!  Don’t cheact yourself. 

Whereas you are trying to find a weight gainer protein supplement, you will need to make sure that you select the right thing.

As a rule of thumb, the beginning of any system of nutritionis the determination of the required number of calories. The norm is calculated based on body weight. Having determined how many calories are required, it remains to calculate where to get them. 30-35% - should be supplied with protein. 50-60% - carbohydrates, and 10-15% - fats. It is worth including some products that will help to move faster to the intended result in your diet. 

Just keep in mind what can be the cause of weight gain for many people who eat large portions of unhealthy food at night. As a rule, weight gain occurs when energy intake is much more than the energy burned off. You eat more junk food, but move less. This cannot be called as a realistic and sustainable approach to gain your weight in a proper way. Nutrition experts agree that controlling a healthy weight is one of the best things we can actually do for your health and to lower your cancer risk.

Eggs - 85% of white consists of water, the rest are proteins. Needless to say, egg is the best source of amino acids, exogenous fatty acids, vitamins, mineral compounds. The proportions between the individual chemical components of the contents of the egg are ideal. The product is characterized by high nutritional and biological values.

It goes without saying, that milk contains easily doubling proteins and fats, vitamins of groups Band D. It also contains more than 200 components. Especially there are a lot of calcium and phosphorus salts in milk, which are in easily digestible form and well balanced ratios. In some cases, there is a poor tolerance of milk, which is manifested by bloating.

Fish.Its proteins contain all the necessary amino acids. In freshwater species, there are 8-12% of proteins, while in marine species there are 17% - 18%, sometimes up to 25%. The marine fish contains more minerals and trace elements - phosphorus, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesia, bromine, fluorine. They are necessary for the activity of the circulatory system, the heart and muscles, the nervous system, the glands of internal secretion.

Chicken meat contains a large amount of protein, vitamins, minerals - including phosphorus, potassium, iron. All of them must be present in the daily diet. A small amount of fat and, accordingly, cholesterol.Chicken breast contains a half of the recommended daily intake of selenium. There is a lot of vitamin B6, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular failure.

Cabbage contains many vitally important vitamins and minerals. Of particular value is both a source of vitamin C and an essential source of protein and sugars. Most of the nitrogenous protein substances are easily digested. Nonpoisonous nitrogenous substances are mainly represented by amino acids essential for nutrition.

However, even including these products in the diet, efforts to gain weight can be reduced to "0", if you neglect simple rules of nutrition. These are general rules, but in order to gain weight,it is better to consult a nutritionist, because there are also individual features of accelerated metabolism. It is better to adjust the diet under the guidance of a specialist.

Weight gaining rules

Do not try to gain weight quickly; a safe increase in muscle mass is to 1 kg per week, depending on the initial weight and age.

Eating proteins is the basis for the growth of muscle mass.

Go in for sports, alternating aerobic and power loads. However, the training system should be different from the exercises of those who want to lose weight. The system of training of bodybuilders will suit both women and men.
Weight gaining rules

Is gym actually going to help you in gaining weight?  Imagine the situation. You've been working out hard for weeks or even months, but something goes wrong and the scale unfortunately goes in the wrong direction. 
  • Gradually increase the calorie content of the diet (by about 15-25%).
  • Constantly stimulate the appetite. It is also useful to have a snack before meals.
  • After each meal, you need to relax. Weight grows well if stressful situations are absent.

 If despite all efforts, muscle mass does not grow, you should consult a doctor; this state of affairs can be a syndrome of a serious ailment.

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7 Common Questions About Dental Implants Answered?

November 27, 2018 4 Comments
Your dentist suggested you replace your missing tooth with a dental implant? Your mind will instantly have a bunch of questions, right? You may think about what is that, what will they cost and how they will be done? To answer all your questions about the treatment read this comprehensive list of the 8 most common questions before you get a Dental Implant done.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is basically a titanium screw which your body will accept as it is bio compatible. They provide a solid foundation by replacing the root of the missing tooth. The screw is then covered with an artificial crown to mimic the natural tooth. Patients who are allergic to titanium can have Zircon or ceramic made implants.

Are Dental Implants Costly?

The cost of the dental implant depends on how many teeth are missing or if there is any other surgery required. In most countries, Dental Implant Cost is around $3000-$4000, but in India, it is much lower.

What is the Procedure?

Dental Implants are placed beneath the gum line into the jaw where it will fuse with the bone by the process of osseointegration and hold itself firmly in place permanently.
HowLong Doesit Take?

Mostly it depends on the individual, but the duration of surgery will almost take around 1-2 hours, which can also vary on how many implants have to be placed.

What are the Benefits?

1. Natural appearance - Dental implants look so natural you won’t even notice.

2. Improved speech - Dentures can slip into the mouth or make speech difficult. Dental implants will make your speech as natural.

3. Makes eating easier - Not being able to eat your favorite foods? Dental implants work just like natural teeth.

4. Other teeth are not affected – Unlike bridges, dental implants do not affect other working teeth.

5. Durability - Implants will last for a lifetime with good care.

Is it Painful?

Not at all. Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia. If the surgery is extensive then post-operative discomfort may occur which is managed in 3-5 days with medicines.

How Long Will Dental Implant Last ?

The success rate is about 95%. If hygiene is maintained, then dental implants last for a lifetime. Brushing, flossing, and follow up to the dentist will make the implant to last for the rest of the life.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

5 Magical Herbs that Helps in Reducing the Risk of Cancer

November 25, 2018 2 Comments
Summary - Over the years, several new treatments has been discovered to cure the cancer disease. Many studies have corroborated that the Ayurvedic treatment is also highly effective. This article lists down a few magical herbs that have proven to be helpful in preventing the risk of cancer. 
Ayurveda is a form of treatment that has been around for thousands of years. The treatment which uses various herbal and other natural ingredients is known to cure even the most dreaded diseases like cancer. The use of Ayurvdic treatment has been long practiced in India; however, recently, its popularity has grown manifold and even the western medicine practitioners’ recommend ayurvedic treatment. As a matter of fact, a lot of studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of ayurvedic treatment for curing cancer and the results have been mostly positive. Many experts suggest that the Ayurvedic treatment when used along with chemo and radio therapies, it has shown great results in reducing the after effects. 

In India, one of the premier and leading medical institutions, the AIIMS (All India Institutes of Medical Sciences recently underpinned the effectiveness of Ayurveda in treating cancer by joining hands with other organizations to research further in using Ayurveda for cancer treatment. Even the recent studies suggest that best Ayurvedic treatment for cancer in India has been highly effective in reducing the side effects amongst the breast cancer patients. 

One of the major highlights of ayurvedic treatments, apart from the fact that it uses natural resources for healing is that it focuses on more holistic treatment of the patient. Unlike other medical treatment techniques, which addresses only the symptoms, the Ayurveda believes in complete treatment of the body through purification, and strengthening immunity of the patients. The treatment also focuses on achieving the perfect balance between mind, body and consciousness through a healthy diet and daily exercise regimen. For cancer treatment, Ayurveda recommends a number of herbs that have anti-cancer properties. 

Amla/Indian Gooseberry

This super food is known to be one of the riches sources of Vitamin C and other important acids like gallic acid and pectin. Besides, this wonder fruit also is rich in phyllaemblic compounds, quercetin, and polyphenolic compounds. Several laboratory trials of amla extracts suggest that it has the ability to kill and prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. 


One of the most staple ingredients found in the kitchens around the world, is also an excellent anti-cancer herb. Garlic is known for this rich selenium, arginine and sulphur contents. Many medical studies indicate that the anti-bacterial properties of Garlic have the ability to stop the formation or cancer causing agents. The World Health Organisation suggests having 2-5 grams of garlic every day to prevent cancer. 


Considered to be one of the most versatile herbs, Tumeric is also one of the most researched herbal plants for its anti-cancer properties. One of the most prominent elements of the Tumeric, which is the curcumin is a potent antioxidant that kills free radicals and prevents the growth of cancer cells. There are more than 2000 scientific reports that have corroborated the effectiveness of curcumin for cancer treatment. 


Considered to be a holy plant in many parts of India, Basil is also one of the most widely used herbal ingredients in a variety of medicines. This sacred leaf is an integral part of the best Ayurvedic treatment for cancer in India. Research has shown that it has tremendous anti-diabetic, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the phytochemicals present in Basil has proved to be effective in preventing chemically induced oral, skin, lung and liver cancer by increasing the antioxidant activity in the body and killing the cancer cells. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Is the treatment of Sinus possible with Ayurveda?

November 14, 2018 3 Comments
What is Sinus?

Basically, sinuses are the two cavities that are present on both the sides of the nose and these get blocked due to some kind of infections, cold or allergies. The blocked passage can cause the problem like that of snoring, give severe headaches and also one might face problem in breathing. When the problem of sinus becomes severe then it might stretch for a very long period of time. Sinus can further lead to meningitis or brain fever. 
What is Sinus?
The different types of sinus problems are
  • Acute Sinus: (Could happen for a duration of 4 weeks or maybe less)
  • Sub Acute Sinus: (Could last for 4 to 8 weeks)
  • Chronic Sinus: (8 weeks and sometimes even for a longer period of time)
  • Recurring: (In this it does not stay permanently and keeps re-occurring several times in an year)

The trigger that could be the problem behind sinus is common cold or pollen allergies. Certain foods also act as the triggers. Some things to avoid in particular are:
  • Oily food
  • Rice 
  • Meat
  • Strong spices
  • Food that have high starch content
  • Dairy products
  • Foods rich in Vitamin A

Some of the symptoms of sinus are:
  • Runny nose
  • Pain in the facial muscles
  • Congestion
  • Losing sense of smell
  • Blocked nose

Sinuses are the spaces that have air filled in them and are behind the eyes, forehead, nasal bones and cheek. The openings in the sinus when get blocked these become prone to various infections.
Some underlying causes that can aggravate the problem of sinus could be:
  • Seasonal changes and sudden changes in temperature 
  • Polluted air
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Choosing an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle

Ayurveda offers some quick, natural and pretty good remedies

Oil Massage

Cure sinus in the easiest and the quickest way. Massage seasame oil after warming it a bit as it is an ultimate remedy for curing sinus. Massaging the hot oil will transport the essence, goodness of the herbs deep into the skin. The nasya treatment in Ayurveda helps break up the problem causing phlegm and thus opens the congested tissues that are causing sinuses.

Steam Inhalation

Add the goodness of natural things to the water like cough drops, eucalyptus oil, ginger and all the other healthy medicated herbs to the boiling water and then take steam.


Have you tried flavored water if you haven’t you must definitely give it a try. Flavour the water with spices and herbs that soothes all the things that causes you problems.
  • A few tulsi leaves
  • A few slices of ginger
  • Mint leaves
  • Two cloves 

You have to drink this water for an entire day

Vegetables and Fruits 

Adopt the habit of eating fresh vegetables and fruits.  However, make it a point that you take a balanced diet and top of that take fruits and vegetables or else the drastic diet change can cause health issues. Avoid delays in taking food, water. Basically it should be the right mix of all the different food types, drinks, fruits. In case you avoid food, drinks, vegetables too often that can cause formation of toxins and that will upset your digestive system.

Ginger and Lemon Tea

Did you know if you take lemon and ginger tea regularly then it will never let sinus recur. Make drinking ginger and lemon tea your daily habit and on top of that exercise daily and maintain a healthy and happening lifestyle. Just don’t do exercises that will drain you out of your energy or putting it in better words the exercises should not be exhaustive. Exercising with the right diet will help boost the metabolism.

Keep changing your diet; make only healthy variations

Ayurveda is the natural way of treating the problems and with the dietary modifications a lot can be altered, improvised and made better so while taking the help of Ayurveda to heal you have to also have to keep a strict eye on your diet. Avoid food that can trigger problems.
  • Don’t drink cold water, prefer take it warm
  • A big no to chocolates, carbonated drinks, liquor, processed foods
  • Never eat oily food
  • Enter into a new day by drinking lemon juice and water each day

Ayurveda has the permanent cure for sinus, the treatment is simple, and maybe it can take more time to show results as compared to other approaches but there could be no better and healthy way to uproot the problem.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

इओसिनोफिलिया का आयुर्वेदिक उपचार | Eosinophilia Ayurvedic Treatment in Hindi

June 23, 2018 7 Comments
दोस्तों आज हम आप को इओसिनोफिलिया के बारे में बताएंगे की ये क्या होता क्यों होता है इसके लक्षण और कारण क्या है  और इसको ठीक कैसे करें।
Eosinophilia Ayurvedic Treatment in Hindi

इओसिनोफिलिया क्या है?

इओसिनोफिल (एसिडोफिल) श्वेत रक्त कणिकाओं (ल्यूकोसाइट्स) का ही एक प्रकार है, जो अस्थिमज्जा में निर्मित होता है और रक्तप्रवाह और आँतों की परतों में पाया जाता है। ये शरीर के प्रतिरक्षक तंत्र, अर्थात परजीवी, बैक्टीरिया और वायरस के संक्रमण के विरुद्ध सुरक्षा व्यवस्था, का हिस्सा होता है।

इओसिनोफिलिया एक चिकित्सीय शब्द है, जो रक्त में या शरीर के ऊतकों में इओसिनोफिल्स की असामान्य मात्रा के बनने और इकठ्ठा होने को समझाता है। 

रक्त की कुल मात्रा में 400-450 प्रति माइक्रोलीटर की इओसिनोफिल की मात्रा को अधिक माना जाता है। गंभीर प्रकार के इओसिनोफिलिया में, इओसिनोफिल्स की मात्रा 5,000 कोशिकाओं तक हो सकती है।

इओसिनोफिलिया के कई प्रकार होते हैं, जिनमें:
  • फेमिलियल इओसिनोफिलिया (पारिवारिक इओसिनोफिलिया)- यह इओसिनोफिल की वृद्धि को नियंत्रित करने वाले जीन में समस्या होने के कारण उत्पन्न होता है।
  • द्वितीयक इओसिनोफिलिया-यह परजीवी संक्रमण, स्वप्रतिरक्षी प्रतिक्रिया, एलर्जी, या अन्य सूजन उत्पन्न करने वाले रोगों से सम्बंधित होता है।
  • प्राथमिक इओसिनोफिलिया-कुछ विशेष प्रकार के ल्यूकीमिया या दीर्घकालीन माइलॉयड विकार जैसे मायेलोडिस्प्लास्टिक सिंड्रोम से सम्बंधित इओसिनोफिल की उत्पत्ति में परिवर्तन।

जाँच और परीक्षण

रक्तप्रवाह में इओसिनोफिलिया का निर्धारण आसान सी इओसिनोफिल की मात्रा की जाँच, जो कि सीबीसी (कम्पलीट ब्लड काउंट) के हिस्से के रूप में की जाती है, के द्वारा किया जाता है। ऊतक सम्बन्धी इओसिनोफिलिया का निर्धारण सम्बंधित ऊतक की जाँच (स्किन बायोप्सी) द्वारा किया जाता है। आगे की अन्य जांचों में सीटी स्केन्स, एक्स-रे, लिवर की कार्यक्षमता की जाँच, सेरोलोजिकल परीक्षण, मल परीक्षण, और मूत्र परीक्षण किये जाते हैं।

डॉक्टर द्वारा आम सवालों के जवाब

Q1. इओसिनोफिलिया क्या है?

इओसिनोफिलिया एक चिकित्सीय शब्द है, जो रक्त में या शरीर के ऊतकों में एओसिनोफिल्स की असामान्य मात्रा के बनने और इकठ्ठा होने को समझाता है। इओसिनोफिल्स (दूसरा नाम ‘एसिडोफिल्स’), श्वेत रक्त कणिकाओं (ल्यूकोसाइट्स) का ही एक प्रकार है जो अस्थिमज्जा में निर्मित होता है, और रक्तप्रवाह और आँतों की परतों में पाया जाता है। ये शरीर के प्रतिरक्षक तंत्र, अर्थात परजीवी, बैक्टीरिया और वायरस के संक्रमण के विरुद्ध सुरक्षा व्यवस्था का हिस्सा होता है। रक्त की कुल मात्रा में 400-450 प्रति माइक्रोलीटर की इओसिनोफिल की मात्रा को अधिक माना जाता है। गंभीर प्रकार के इओसिनोफिलिया में, इओसिनोफिल्स की मात्रा 5,000 कोशिकाओं तक हो सकती है। 

Q2.यदि मैं इओसिनोफिलिया से पीड़ित हूँ, तो मुझे ये कब पता चलेगा?

बुखार, थकावट, खाँसी, सूजन, साँस लेने में कमी, केंद्रीय तन्त्रिका तंत्र की अक्रियता, माँसपेशियों में दर्द, खुजली, पेटदर्द, अतिसार, शरीर के बाहरी किनारों की तंत्रिकाओं के रोग और रक्त सम्बन्धी परिणाम ही इओसिनोफिलिया के लक्षण हैं.

Q3. इओसिनोफिलिया क्यों होता है?

इओसिनोफिलिया की उत्पत्ति की निश्चित कार्यप्रणाली आमतौर पर अस्पष्ट ही होती है। इओसिनोफिलिया के अधिकतर मामलों के लिए “इडियोपैथिक” शब्द प्रयुक्त होता है, जिसका अर्थ है “अज्ञात उत्पत्ति द्वारा”।
इओसिनोफिलिया किसी विशेष क्षेत्र में हुए रोग या इन कोशिकाओं के अत्यधिक उत्पन्न होने के कारण हो सकता है। इओसिनोफिलिया के प्रकार के आधार पर इसकी उत्पत्ति का कारण तय होता है। कारणों में हैं:
एलर्जी के रोग, जैसे अस्थमा, एक्जिमा, और एलर्जिक रायनाइटिस।

परजीवी कीटाणुओं द्वारा रोग

Q4. इओसिनोपीनीया क्या है?

इओसिनोपीनीया तनाव के कारण होता है, जैसे तीव्र बैक्टीरियल संक्रमण, और ग्लुकोकोर्टिकोइड्स से उपचार के बाद। इओसिनोपीनीया का कोई विपरीत परिणाम ज्ञात नहीं है।

Q5. इसकी समस्याएँ क्या हैं?

सभी प्रभावित व्यक्तियों में अस्थि मज्जा संयुक्त होती है, लेकिन सबसे गंभीर समस्या में ह्रदय और केंद्रीय तन्त्रिका तंत्र भी संलग्न होता है। अंगों की कार्यप्रणाली में कठिनाई और उनके प्रकटीकरण में अत्यंत परिवर्तन रहता है। ह्रदय में होने वाला संरचनागत परिवर्तन, थ्रोम्बोसिस, एन्डोकार्डियल फाइब्रोसिस, और रेस्ट्रिक्टिव एण्डोमायोकार्डियोपेथी तक पहुँच सकता है। अन्य अंगों के ऊतकों को होने वाली क्षति भी इसके समान ही होती है।

परहेज और आहार

लेने योग्य आहार

अपनी प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली को मजबूत करें और सुनिश्चित करें कि आप पर्याप्त विटामिन और प्रोटीन प्राप्त कर रहे होने हरे पत्तेदार सब्जियों और ताजे फलों की खपत को बढा के।

शहद, हल्दी, काली मिर्च, लहसुन, अदरक आपकी प्रतिरक्षा को मज़बूत करते हैं।

खोज में पाया गया है कि इस बीमारी के प्रमुख कारणों में से एक खाद्य एलर्जी है। इसलिए उन खाद्य पदार्थों जिस से आपको एलर्जी होती हैं – उनसे परहेज़ करना बेहतर है।

योग और व्यायाम

रक्त में इओसिनोफिल की मात्रा को कम करने में सहायक योगासन:
  • त्रिकोणप्रणामासन
  • सूर्य नमस्कार
  • वज्रासन
  • शशांकासन
  • प्राणायाम श्वसन तंत्र की माँसपेशियों के लिए लाभकारी होते हैं।

घरेलू उपाय (उपचार)

अपने भाप के पानी में नीलगिरी की कुछ बूंदों डाले, इससे बलगम को नरम और साफ़ करने में मदद मिलेगी।
अपनी चाय में कुछ कुचले हुए अदरक या थोड़ा अदरक का रस डाले, इस समस्या का इलाज करने में कुछ हद तक मदद करेगी।

आप पानी में काली मिर्च पाउडर और शहद का मिश्रण भी ले सकते हैं। इस घोल के दो बार के सेवन से आप अपनी प्रतिरक्षा भी सुधार सकते हैं।

पर्याप्त मात्रा में पानी पियें।

2 बड़े चम्मच मेथी को पानी में उबाल के उसे ग़रारा करें।


इओसिनोफिलिया के लक्षणों में इसे उत्प्रेरित करने वाली स्थितियों के लक्षण ही आते हैं:

अस्थमा के कारण इओसिनोफिलिया-व्हीज़िंग (साँस में सीटी की आवाज), श्वसनहीनता, साँस लेने में कठिनाई (डिस्निया)।

परजीवी संक्रमण के कारण इओसिनोफिलिया-पेट दर्द, अतिसार, बुखार, खाँसी, निशानों का होना।

औषधीय विपरीत प्रतिक्रिया के कारण इओसिनोफिलिया- त्वचा पर निशान

इओसिनोफिलिया के अत्यल्प लक्षणों में हैं-वजन में गिरावट, रात में पसीना, लसिका ग्रंथियों का आकार बड़ा होना, त्वचा पर निशान, नसों की क्षति के कारण झुनझुनी और सनसनी होना।


इओसिनोफिलिया की उत्पत्ति की निश्चित कार्यप्रणाली आमतौर पर अस्पष्ट ही होती है। इओसिनोफिलिया के अधिकतर मामलों के लिए “इडियोपैथिक” शब्द प्रयुक्त होता है, जिसका अर्थ है “अज्ञात उत्पत्ति द्वारा”
इओसिनोफिलिया किसी विशेष क्षेत्र में हुए रोग या इन कोशिकाओं के अत्यधिक उत्पन्न होने के कारण हो सकता है। 

इओसिनोफिलिया के प्रकार के आधार पर इसकी उत्पत्ति का कारण तय होता है। कारणों में हैं:
  • एलर्जी के रोग, जैसे अस्थमा, एक्जिमा, और एलर्जिक रायनाइटिस।
  • परजीवी कीटाणुओं द्वारा रोग।

Friday, 1 June 2018

गर्म दूध पीने के ये फायदे आपको हैरत में डाल देंगे - Amazing Benefit of Hot Milk

June 01, 2018 6 Comments
दोस्तों हम बचपन से ही सुनते आ रहे है कि दूध पीना स्वास्थ्य के लिए बहुत ही फायदेमंद है दूध पीने से हमें ताकत मिलती है। यह तो सभी जानते है लेकिन यह कोई नहीं जनता है कि इस से से शरीर को ताजगी मिलती है और आराम भी।
Amazing Benefit of Hot Milk
अब समस्या यहां आती है की ठंडा दूध पिए या गर्म कुछ लोग कहते है की गर्म दूध पिए और कुछ लोग बोलते है कि ठंडा दूध फायदा करता है। तो दोस्तों आज इस ब्लॉग के जरिये हम आप को दूध के बारे में बताएंगे और कैसा दूध पीना चाहिए ये भी बताएंगे।

दोस्तों जो भी तत्व हमारे शरीर के लिए आवश्यक होता है वो हर तत्व दूध में पाया जाता है ये विटामिन, कैल्शियम, प्रोटीन, नियासिन, फॉस्फोरस और पोटैशियम का खजाना होता है।

वैज़निको की एक शोध के अनुसार हर रोज एक गिलास गर्म दूध पीने से स्वास्थ्य अच्छा बना रहता है आप को यह जान कर आश्चर्य होगा की जो लोग रोज दूध पीते है वो दूध न पीनी वाले की तुलना में शराब, चाय और काफी काम पीते है।

जानते हैं गर्म दूध पीने के ये आश्चर्यजनक फायदे:

1. कैल्शियम की पूर्ति 

हमारे दांतों और हड्ड‍ियों को कैल्शियम की जरूरत होती है. हर रोज गर्म दूध पीने से हमारे दांत और हड्डियां मजबूत बनती हैं.

2. प्रोटीन का खजाना

दूध में पर्याप्त मात्रा में प्रोटीन उपलब्ध होता है. इस आधार पर भी इसे हर रोज लिए जाने की सलाह दी जाती है. दिन की शुरुआत एक गिलास गर्म दूध से करने से शरीर दिनभर ऊर्जावान बना रहता है. इसके साथ ही ये मांसपेशियों के विकास के लिए भी बहुत जरूरी है.

3. कब्ज की समस्या में 

अगर आपको कब्ज की समस्या है तो गर्म दूध पीना आपके लिए बहुत फायदेमंद साबित होगा. ये पाचन के लिए बेहद फायदेमंद होता है. जिन्हें कब्ज की समस्या है वो गर्म दूध को दवा के तौर पर अपना सकते हैं.

4. ऊर्जावान बनाए रखने के लिए

अगर आप काम करने के दौरान बहुत जल्दी थक जाते हैं तो आपको गर्म दूध पीना शुरू कर देना चाहिए. बच्चों को खासतौर पर हर रोज दूध दिया जाना चाहिए.

5. हाइड्रेशन के लिए

क्या आप ये बात जानते हैं कि दूध पीने हमारा शरीर हाइड्रेटेड होता है? वर्कआउट खत्म करने के बाद दूध पीने से शरीर को पोषण मिलता है.

6. गले के लिए फायदेमंद 

दूध का सेवन करने से गला भी अच्छा रहता है. अगर आपके गले में तकलीफ है तो दूध के कप में चुटकीभर कालीमिर्च भी मिला सकते हैं.

7. तनाव दूर करने के लिए

ऑफिस से घर लौटने पर आप दिनभर का तनाव भी अपने साथ लेकर आते हैं. ऐसे में हल्का गर्म दूध पीना आपको इस तनाव से राहत दिलाने में मदद करेगा. दूध पीने के बाद दिनभर का तनाव कम हो जाएगा और आप राहत महसूस करेंगे.

8. अनिंद्रा की समस्या

रात में दूध पीने का ये सबसे बड़ा फायदा है. कई ऐसे अध्ययन सामने आए हैं जिनके अनुसार, रात को सोने से पहले हल्का गर्म दूध पीने से नींद अच्छी और भरपूर आती है. 

लहसुन के फायदे एवं नुकसान सही तरीका और उपाय | Benefits and Disadvantages of Garlic

June 01, 2018 2 Comments
दोस्तों आज हम आप को लहसुन के फायदे एवं नुकसान सही तरीका और उपाय बताएंगे। 
Benefits and Disadvantages of Garlic
लहसुन (Garlic) के बारे में तो आप को पता ही होगा इसका प्रयोग सब्जी, दाल इत्यादि बनाने में किया जाता है। पर क्या आप जानते है की यह कई रोगों के लिए बहुत ही अच्छा अचूक इलाज है। लहसुन का सेवन करने से पहले यह जानना बहुत जरुरी है की इसका उपयोग कैसे करना चाहिए और कब करना चाहिए कब नहीं करना चाहिए। 

अगर आप को लहसुन खाने का सही तरीका पता है तो आप मोटापा (Fat) काम कर सकते है और त्वचा, दाद, ब्लड प्रसेर शुगर और बालों की समस्या का समाधान केर सकते है।  तो दोस्तों आइये हम आप को बताते है लहसुन कैसे खाएं और इसके फायदे क्या क्या होते है। 

अगर आपको ये बीमारियां हैं तो भूल कर भी लहसुन का इस्तेमाल न करें 

ये बात तो सत्य है कि लहसुन को लहसुन को सब्जी में पका के खाने की बजाय भून के या कच्चा खाने से यह बहुत फायदा करता है लेकिन कुछ बीमारियां ऐसी है जिसमे इसका प्रयोग भूल कर भी नहीं करना चाहिए। 

अगर आप लौ ब्लड प्रेशर के मरीज है तो आप को कच्चा लहसुन भूल केर भी नहीं खाना चाहिए । 

अगर आप को लीवर से जुड़ी कोई भी बीमारी है या आप का लीवर कमजोर है तो आप को खली पेट लहसुन नहीं खाना चाहिए। 

लहसुन बहुत ही गर्म होता है तो अगर आप गर्भ अवस्ता में है तो आप को लहसुन का सेवन नहीं करना चाहिए। 

यदि आप को थायराइड है उस महिला या पुरुष को कच्चा लहसुन बिलकुल भी नहीं खाना चाहिए। 

यदि आप को लहसुन से एलर्जी है तो आप को कच्चा लहसुन नहीं खाना चाहिए।

कब और कैसे लहसुन खाना चाहिए 

लहसुन के अंदर बहुत सारे औषधीय गुण होते है जो की कई रोगों के लिए बहुत लाभदारी है। अगर आप सुबह सवेरे खली पेट लहसुन की एक कली कहते है तो यह आप के लिए बहुत लाभदारी साबित होता है। आइये जानते है किन बिमारियों में लहसुन बहुत उपयोगी है। 
यह हाई बीपी को काम कर सकता है अगर आप नियमित रूप से रोज सुबह एक से दो लहसुन की कलियाँ खली पेट खाते है तो यह हाई बीपी के लिए बिकुल अचूक इलाज है। 

अगर आप को सर्दी जुकाम है तो आप इस से रहत पाने के लिए आप एक चम्मच सरसों के तेल में एक लसुन की कलि डाल केर अचे से भूने और उसके बाद इस से मालिश करें।  आप को ज़ल्द ही आराम मिलेगा। 

सुबह एक से दो कच्चे लहसुन की कलियां खाने से कोलेस्ट्रॉल कम होता है अगर आप को इसका स्वाद नहीं पसंद है तो आप इसे कूट केर पानी के साथ भी निगल सकते है। 

हड्डियों के लिए भी लहसुन बहुत गुणकारी है। अगर आप गठिया के रोग से पीड़ित है तो आप इसे खाने के साथ इस्तेमाल कर सकते है 

शुगर की बीमारी में भी लहसुन बहुत उपयोगी है अगर आप को शुगर की बीमारी है तो आप दो से तीन लहसुन की कलियों का रस बेल के पत्ते के रस से साथ मिला केर पीजिये आप को ज़ल्द ही आराम मिलेगा। 

दाद में लहसुन एक अचूक औषधि का काम करती है लहसुन को जला केर इसकी राख को शहद के साथ मिला केर दाद वाली जगह पे लगाए आप को ज़ल्द ही आराम मिलेगा। 

लहसुन से अंदर रोगों से लड़ने की छमता होती है इस से कैंसर जैसे रोगों का भी इलाज होता है भुना हुआ लहसुन खाने से यह शरीर के अंदर से कैंसर वाले कोशिकाओं को ख़तम कर देता है। 

अगर आप मोटापे से परेशान है तो लहसुन के सेवन से पेट में जमी चर्बी घटने लगती है और अगर आप ऐसे शहद के साथ कहते है तो यह और भी ज़ल्दी असर दिखता है। 

अगर आप को बालों की परेशानी है जैसे कि बाल झड़ना। इस समस्या के लिए लहसुन को पीस कर दही में मिला केर खाएं आप को इस समस्या से छुकारा मिल जायेगा। 

अगर आप को कब्ज या बवासीर जैसी बीमारियां है तो आप भुना हुआ लहसुन खाये आप को बहुत ज़ल्द ही आराम मिलेगा। 

अगर आप की त्वचा पे दाग धब्बे है तो आप लहसुन की दो से तीन कलियाँ गुनगुने पानी में नीबू के साथ मिला कर पीजिये आप को ज़ल्द ही आराम मिलेगा। 

पेट में गैस और पाचन शक्ति बढ़ाने के साथ साथ गले की खांसी में भी लहसुन बहुत उपयोगी है 

अगर आप को स्वप्नदोष की समस्या है तो आप रात को सोते समय एक लहसुन की कली को चबा केर खा लीजिये इस से आप की शारीरिक सकती भी बढ़ेगी। 

खाली पेट लहसुन खाने के नुकसान

ध्यान रहे अगर आप लहसुन का सेवन अधिक मात्रा में करते है तो आप कुछ बीमारियां हो सकती है जैसे की पेट फूलना, गैस और सांस में बदबू आना। 

महिलाओं को पीरियड्स के दौरान ज्यादा लहसुन नहीं खाना चाहिए इस से खून का बहाव तेज़ हो जाता है। 

ज्यादा मात्रा में लहसुन खाने से खून पतला होता है इस लिए ये जानना बहुत जरुरी है की लहसुन को कैसे और कितनी मात्रा में खाये। 

लहसुन को कभी भी त्वचा पर नहीं लगाना चाहिए इससे त्वचा जल सकती है। 

अगर आप के शरीर में खून की कमी है तो भी आप को लहसुन का सेवन नहीं करना चाहिए। 

ध्यान रहे खाली पेट लहसुन खाना कितना गुणकारी है उतना ही हानिकाराम भी इस लिए खाली पेट ज्यादा लहसुन न खाये।