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7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ayurveda

May 30, 2019 14 Comments
Almost 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda was born and it brought a very drastic change to health care. With the use of natural herbs and minerals, ayurvedic medicines have been treating millions. The term Ayurveda took birth by combining two words - “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means knowledge and it is all about life-rejuvenating practices. 

Though Ayurvedic medicines have its roots in sacred historical books, science has evolved over the ages to become even more operative and integrated than before. It is the science of life as well as a holistic system of medicine that guides the body to live harmoniously with a perfect balance between the body, mind, and environment. Ayurveda classifies the five elements as the building blocks of all matter i.e. air, space, water, fire, and earth. 
7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ayurveda
According to the science, these 5 elements are energetically represented in the human body and the combination of these elements lead to one’s Ayurvedic identity i.e. Dosha. The three doshas are - Vata (space & air), Pitta (fire & water) and Kapha (earth). Ayurveda is a vast study and there are some things that many people still don’t know. Worry not! Discover some very interesting unknown facts about Ayurveda and get amazed by the immensity of this field of medicine below:

1. It is all about the doshas: While many may scoff at this idea, the three doshas define a person’s health and personality. An Ayurvedic practitioner can tell what disease a person is suffering from just by taking a patient’s pulse and understanding the balance of the doshas. A Kapha imbalance may lead to ailments like congestion, swelling, lung problems, and lethargy while a Pitta patient may experience inflammation of joints, tissues and organs or migraines, neck stiffness, etc. 

2. No specialist in this field: Unlike allopathy and modern science, Ayurveda doesn’t have a specialist for every different disease. There is no orthopedician, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, cardiologist but just a holistic Ayurveda practitioner. Too many cooks spoil the broth holds true in this case and Ayurveda helps a patient from running to different doctors for different ailments. Because the different systems of the body are strongly connected to each other, curing one dosha imbalance helps pacify another as well and that is the essence of Ayurveda. The science looks at the body as a whole and focuses on bringing in harmony between the body, mind, and soul to allow a person to feel healthy. 

3. NO Side Effects: This is one of the best facts about ayurvedic medicines. The medicines are mainly obtained from pure herbs and minerals. The science basically uses what is available in nature’s bounty and thus is not known to have any side effects. The chemicals in allopathic medicines have grave side effects and that is why people assume that Ayurvedic medicines also have side effects but this is not true. Having said this, anything in excess can be harmful. That is where Dr. Vaidya’s doctors come into play.  The in house team of expert doctors can guide a patient on the medicines and dosages for effective results. 

4. The factors of diagnosis: Ayurveda uses the Astavidha rogi pareeksha or eight method system to examine a patient. These methods involve checking a person’s pulse, urine, stool, voice, tongue, skin, eyes and body build. This helps a doctor to understand which humor could be imbalanced and give medicines according to the need. 

5. Health attunes to the atmosphere: It might be a little difficult to believe but according to Ayurveda what a person eats, drinks, how a person feels can also affect one’s health. These environmental conditions mitigate one’s doshas and hence if a person’s environment isn’t good, the dosha is mostly aggravated and this results in health issues. 

6. Kills the cause, not the symptoms: Ayurvedic medicine, unlike other Western medicine, treats a disease by attacking the root cause. It doesn’t fix the symptoms but treats the disease at the root level of the problem. This may take longer to action but results in a long lasting result too i.e. removing ‘ama’ (an ailment) from the body and thus allowing the body to function properly. 

7. It has specialties: While Ayurveda doesn’t have specialists for every health issue, it does have specialties or different branches of treatment. Rasayana (rejuvenation), Shalya-chikitsa (surgery), Agadatantram (toxicology), Shalakya (diseases above the shoulder), Kaayachikitsa (internal medicine), Kaumarabhrutyam (pediatrics), Vajikaranam (aphrodisiacs), Bhutavidya (psychiatry) are some of the specialties of Ayurvedic medicine. These approaches treat every complication encountered by the human body in a different manner and thus give effective results.

These were some of the interesting facts about Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of life. Thus, it is a lifestyle that one shall undertake to feel a difference in the body rather than just curative medicine. Ayurveda is a holistic union of mind, body, and soul that involves ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation, and metabolism to create the perfect balance of the body. 

Author’s Bio : 

Dr. (Mrs.) Surya Bhagwati (BAMS, DHA, DHHCM, and DHBTC) is the lead Ayurvedic physician at Dr. Vaidya's. She is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner who brings a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the science. 

Prior to Dr. Vaidya's, she has worked at the prestigious Saifee Hospital in Mumbai where she still continues her association in a consulting capacity. Her expertise lies in the prevention of chronic ailments.

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Caffeine Showdown Coffee VS Tea

March 26, 2019 10 Comments
First and foremost, drinking coffee is tightly connected to insomnia, and we simply cannot imagine our life without a cup of coffee in the early morning. The first thing we make is a cup of strong coffee to keep you vigorous during the whole day long. This marvelous drink makes you smarter, better, faster and stronger. The same goes for tea. The science of hot drinks hides the unrevealed.  The question of the usefulness of tea and coffee for health bothers any person almost daily. As soon as we pour a steaming aromatic cup of coffee or brew some tea, the invisible controller inside of us asks the eternal question - is not it harmful to health? In general, what is more useful - tea or coffee? Let's try to understand these issues from the standpoint of modern dietology. 
Caffeine Showdown Coffee VS Tea
According to the dietology, tea and coffee are related to taste products. Drinks from tea and coffee have a taste, tonic, thirst and therapeutic value. They are part of the daily diet of people.

It should be noted that dry tea, grains and coffee powder contain all the main food substances. They have a lot of potassium, in coffee - vitamin PP, in tea - vitamin B2. However, the nutrients contained in that dry amount of tea and coffee, which is necessary for the preparation of drinks, play a very minor role in the daily diet. Significantly more important are the many biologically active components that makeup tea and coffee, in particular, caffeine, flavonoids, tannins.

Caffeine stimulates the accumulation of the macroergic compounds necessary for it to function properly in cells. This excites the central nervous system, stimulates the activity of the cardiovascular system (increases muscle contraction and increases rhythm, leads to increased blood pressure), increases heat production and urination, and increases the secretion of the stomach.

Everyone knows that coffee affects the body more than tea. The fact is that the caffeine of tea is associated with tannin and therefore its effect is weaker, but theophylline tea stimulates urination stronger than caffeine. However, the addition of milk and cream in tea or coffee softens the effect of caffeine.

Is it harmful to drink coffee and can it be part of a healthy diet? Let us discuss this issue.

1. It may be hard to say whether coffee is good or bad for you. The reception of strong coffee causes a short-term increase in blood pressure, which can worsen the condition of patients with essential hypertension. However, large-scale studies conducted in a number of developed countries have not revealed a direct relationship between the prevalence of hypertension and the intake of coffee.

2. Similarly, the relationship between coffee consumption and the development of malignant tumors has not been confirmed.

3. It should be noted that coffee grains contain a number of substances that have been found to promote the increase of cholesterol in the blood. People who are especially scrupulous about their health, in this regard, can advise the following: these compounds can be extracted with hot water and filtered through a paper filter.

4. The International Operational Group for the Prevention of IHD and the International Society of Atherosclerosis included not only tea but also coffee in the list of drinks recommended for ischemic heart disease. Although, soluble or filtered on the coffee machine.

5. In many developed countries, there were no differences in the overall mortality (from all causes) among few or not drinking coffee people and among its lovers, but without abuse more than 4 cups of coffee a day, if each contains at least 1 teaspoon of instant coffee).

When coffee is especially useful?
  1. Coffee can temporarily help some migraine sufferers during an attack of headaches.
  2. Arterial hypotension (people with low blood pressure).
  3. Chronic heart failure, depending on the rhythm of the heart.
  4. Asthenia (physical and neuropsychiatric weakness) after prolonged chronic diseases.
  5. Reduced secretory function of the stomach or motor function of the gallbladder.

When should you be careful?

1. Strong black coffee can adversely affect the diseases of the esophagus (reflux esophagitis), the stomach with increased secretion (gastritis, peptic ulcer).

2. With the increased motor function of the gallbladder.

3. With the increased emotional function of the intestine - irritable bowel syndrome.

If there are pains, heartburn, belching or other uncomfortable symptoms after drinking coffee, then it should be excluded from the diet. However, individual features are possible.

4. Strong coffee is not recommended for adverse reactions to it in patients with hypertension, Parkinson's disease, glaucoma, with increased heart rate (tachycardia), heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias).

5. You should not drink coffee in the afternoon if suffering from insomnia.

Let's talk about tea

Black or green tea is obtained depending on the method of treatment. It should be noted that green tea contains more substances inherent in the leaves of the tea bush. It is known that when brewing green tea about 45-50% of its substances remain in the infusion, while in black - 30-40%.

Useful properties of tea

1. Green tea quenches thirst better, however, there are more flavoring and aromatic substances, as well as caffeine available for the body in black tea.

2. Green tea helps to reduce swelling.

3. Tea catechins have an antioxidant effect, binding excess free radicals in the body, while the antioxidant capacity of green tea is 2.5 times higher than that of black tea.

5. Tea catechins are classified as anti-cancer factors for the development of certain oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

6. Strong tea contains a significant amount of theophylline, expanding the bronchi so it can be the first self-help tool to relieve faint bouts of bronchial asthma.

7. Strong tea, especially green, is useful for diarrhea, but it is not recommended if you suffer from constipation.

8. Strong tea is also useful in those painful conditions in which coffee is recommended, especially if the patient does not like coffee.

Modern Dietetics says that not strong tea can be drunk by almost all sick people, but there are restrictions in the consumption of strong tea:

1. Tannins of tea bind to iron so that strong tea during and after meals should be limited in the diet of patients with iron deficiency anemia.

2. Strong tea should not be consumed together with iron preparations or multivitamin-mineral preparations.

3. There are restrictions for strong tea, which are of an individual nature: increased excitability, insomnia, tachycardia, deterioration of well-being in arterial hypertension.

The therapeutic diet includes various fruit and berry and herbal teas. For example, with raspberries and lime flowers - for colds, with rose hips and corn stigmas - for diseases of the gallbladder.

You can drink coffee drinks (coffee-surrogate) as well, which are reminiscent of the taste of coffee but not containing caffeine. They are prepared from fried and ground barley, oats, rye, chicory, chestnuts, soy, acorns, dog rose. At the same time, the nutritional value of many coffee drinks is higher than that of natural coffee. Manufacturers add from 5 to 35% of natural coffee in coffee drinks, while other coffee drinks do not contain it at all.

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What Is Clean Eating and How to Eat Clean Right

February 10, 2019 5 Comments
Our feeling healthy by 80% depends upon the food we eat. It means that we should give our body what it requires. Include natural products into your food ration. Stay away from food which is processed industrially with artificial supplementations.

A «clean» eater will leave boiled products or what is packed in plastic in the supermarket. One does not have to count calories by eating clean food. Such food will make it to where you are to lose extra pounds without any harm to your health.
10 Rules of Clean Eating

Food intake.  Main food intakes: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, slight snacks in-between. However, if you do not feel hungry, refuse from having snacks or replace the main food intake with it. 

Cut down boiled salt consumption. Many people consume too much salt. Keeping healthy eating it is highly recommended to refuse from refined, cleaned by chemical means salt because there are substances, which are able to cause allergyanddo harm to the nervous system, especially children suffer from the white salt. Use freezing salt only. Sea-salt and Himalayan salt are good choices.

Combineproteinswithcarbohydrates. Combination of protein products withcarbohydratehelps to avoid the strong touches of hunger. Although refuse from the empty carbohydrates, such as sugar, white bread, noodle products, potatoes. If you want to lose weight, do not consume starchy foods for the night, except for vegetables.

More seasonal vegetables and fruits. Raw, boiled smoothie, all these things should be a part of your food ration, if you are a healthy living follower. Everything that is to attract in the department of fruits and vegetable, is to be on your table.

More good fats instead of bad. A body requires saturated fats for metabolic processes. Saturated fats are butter, ghi, coconut oil, red palm oil.   Avoid trans-fats, received artificially. Margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, chips. Consume more olive oil and stop using sweat oil while cooking. 

Refined oil is the reason for inflammatory conditions. Butter oil is better for braising and grilling, especially when it comes to cooking at moderately high temperatures. 

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Refuse from aspartame. IT is a dipeptide sweetener. Consuming this product leads to chronic fatigue, depression, headache, muscle cramps, allergies…
What Is Clean Eating and How to Eat Clean Right
There is no evidence that aspartame does harm health if you are not going to refuse from this product, for now, cut it down. You should know that there is aspartame in many fizzy drinks, bubble gums, cough syrup, sweets, yoghurts and even vitamins.  It is frightful to think of the fact that everything children and pregnant women eat contains aspartame.

Have a breakfast every morning. Having a breakfast every morning, you will never feel hungry like a wolf by the lunchtime. Morning food intake, nutritionally dense, strengthens concentration and immune system. Perfect breakfast consists of carbohydrates and proteins, for example, muesli, fruits, berries and natural yoghurt. Choose muesli without stabilizers and food additives.

Have diverse food in order for your body to receive all the necessary substances for normal functioning. 

Drink water and refuse from alcoholic drinks. Drink just water if you feel thirsty. Water makes the necessary substances flow where they are needed. Alcoholinsteadisapoison. It has to be removed from the body before other metabolic processes begin.

Avoid additives. Excludeproductscontaining food grade dye, preservatives, food flavours. Many readymade products contain them, such as chips, dry breadcrumbs. Read a list of ingredients attentively, the easier it is to read, the less non-natural substances it contains. 

Cutsugarconsumption. Manyproductscontainrefinedsugar. Eventually, it will make it to where you gain weight or get diabetes. Simple carbohydrates are hidden behind such names as maltodextrin and dextrose. You would never guess when you are to find them, for example, in sausages. Stevia is going to be very much in use, which is a natural sweetener containing 0 calories, diabetics can have it and people suffering from obesity. One can use it for baking just as well. 

Many parents set a limit on sweets for their children or even do not give them any at all. It is undoubtedly the right decision. A child`s immune system suffers from sugar. Calcium is lost in the process of the white poison processing and we see dental caries as a result let alone fragile bones. The deadliest is that sugar is food for cancer cells. Before setting a limit on sweets for your little one, refuse from it by yourself. A parent is the first teacher for one`s child and s/he should not teach what s/he does not do by him/herself. 

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Herbal Remedy for Eyes Allergy

January 17, 2019 3 Comments
Saline Solution

Prepare a saline solution at home and treat allergic conjunctivitis with the help of the saline solution. Mix water and common salt and prepare the solution. The saline solution will help you in minimizing the inflammation and irritation of the eyes. Make sure that you don’t harm your eyes by using excessively hot water.
Herbal Remedy for Eyes Allergy
Rose Water

Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, just put a few drops of organic rose water into the infected eye to provide it relief. Or you can also use cotton balls dipped in rose water over your eyes. The cooling and soothing effect of the rose water in the eyes will be a great relief to you.
Rose water will wash the impurities from your eyes and also the dust particles that might be the reason behind allergic conjunctivitis.

Aloe Vera Gel

It has compounds in it known as emodin and aloin that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It makes aloe-vera an effective home remedy for allergic conjunctivitis. Aloe vera speeds up the process of healing the problematic area. It is an effective and helpful herbal remedy for allergic conjunctivitis. Remember to put the aloe vera gel around the infected eye and notice the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis vanish away. 


With so many healing properties it helps fight against allergic conjunctivitis. It also helps fight the inflammation of the eyes. The anti-bacterial properties present in it turmeric does not allow the infection to spread further. You can also soak a piece of cotton to the boiled turmeric water. The soaked cloth can be used as a warm compress to treat the problem of allergic conjunctivitis.

Chamomile Tea

You can use the chamomile tea as the cold compress or an eyewash. The swelling and the itching of the eye will definitely go away. Take a cup of hot water and put a chamomile tea bag in it, leave it for 5 minutes so that it soaks the heat. After this refrigerate the tea bags and apply them as a cold compress over the eyes. 

Avoid going out in the sun without a wide-brimmed hat and the perfect set of sunglasses

Sometimes the harsh sunlight, pollution, dust, presence of pollen in the air could become the reason for infection in the eye. The eyes become itchy, swollen and irritated when exposed to all the impurities present in the air.

Rinse your eyes more often

The basic thing that you need to do is rinse your eyes more often with normal water. Or it is even better if you could do the same with sterilized water. If you have eye allergy then it will get better sooner and even if you do not have eye allergy then rinsing with water will make sure that eyes allergy not happens.

Cut potato slices

It is a natural astringent that helps reduce the inflammation. Take a potato and cut it into various thin slices and then, later on, cool the slices by putting them in the fridge. When you place the slices over the eyes for 15-20 minutes twice every day then you will notice the inflammation go away. 


You need to apply fenugreek paste over your eyes to get relief from inflammation of the eyes. Fenugreek is the best aid from aching eyes. Soak the fenugreek seeds in the water overnight and in the morning grind it thereafter leaves it for 20 minutes 

Herbal Remedy for Eyes Allergy has been considered as the best remedy for eyes not only by doctors but also by the people who have suffered adversely from eye infections.  

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Exceptional Recipes of Coffee From Celebrities

January 13, 2019 3 Comments
In late autumn coffee becomes the simply irreplaceable remedy to cheer up, especially if to make it creatively. Every coffee drinkers sure they make this favorite drink best of all. Find out how to make water of life the way entertainers and famous historical people did.

Napoleon Bonaparte, as you know, was a committed and passionate coffee drinker. This renowned commander did not imagine how it is possible to wake up and begin a new day without a cup of aroma coffee.
Exceptional Recipes of Coffee From Celebrities
The more surprising was his order, which forbade importing coffee, sugar and other colonial products to France. The French people, who managed to get used to really strong coffee, switched to chicory and other substitutes. No less than his people suffered from no coffee emperor himself; however, the principle was more valuable–a continental fight with England was going.

After deportation to Saint Helena, he found solace in his favorite drink only.

It remains unknown where the recipe was taken from however, it bears a name of a great commander.

Take 200 g of water, 3 spoons of freshly brewed coffee for 2 portions. To brew a common drink in the coffee pot or coffee machine, to train standard sugar to taste and pinch of saltна. And now to pour «Napoleon» cognac each cup; it should compose 1/8 of the cup`s volume.

The leader of the Cuban revolution was distinguished by an incredibly integral and powerful nature, strong character and indestructible health, which allowed him to live up to 90 years. At the same time, Castro loved strong coffee throughout life, cigars and good drinks - like a true Cuban. Coffee according to his recipe is something thermo-nuclear!


8 coffee spoons of instant coffee are put on the bottom of a small (75 ml) cup. Poured on top ... no, not boiling water, but solidly brewed real Cuban coffee. It should be noted that Cuban coffee itself is much stronger than the usual Arabica.

Put 8 coffee spoons of sugar in the mixture. It looks more like a strong and hot coffee liqueur.
By the way, Fidel drank such a cup every 15 minutes. Add the same amount of rum and traditional Havana cigar to this and get a reliable portrait of Fidel Castro.

This beautiful Italian has driven crazy all men. Whether jokingly or seriously, Sophia Loren argued that one of the ways to make a man fall in love is to treat him a cup of coffee according to a special recipe - she called “Love Potion”


Pour water into the coffeepot and bring it to the appearance of the first bubbles. Pour the ground coffee, stir with a spoon. Add a few grains of cardamom, on the tip of the knife - cinnamon, a few cloves, and sugar - to taste. Let it languish on a small fire.

Remove as soon as the drink begins to boil, so as not to spill out the foam. Coffee should brew for two minutes. After that, he poured into cups and - ready, the man tried and fell in love!

Another beautiful woman is a true sex symbol of America, which conquered men with incredible femininity. Marilyn Monroe also loved coffee and preferred to prepare it according to her own recipe.

Pour 1 teaspoon of ground coffee in a coffee maker, pour cold water over it. Heat until hot, but do not boil. Pour into a cup, add 1 tablespoon of boiling water. Now pour a good cognac in 15 g of coffee. Put a cap of whipped cream with sugar on the surface, decorate with ground cinnamon and powdered sugar.

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Classic Dishes to Add to Your Christmas Dinner Menu

January 04, 2019 7 Comments
What dishes to choose for the Christmas menu? Usually, the hosts start thinking about this question immediately after the end of the New Year celebration. If this year the responsibility for the Christmas menu fell on your shoulders, this article will gladly help you to lay a delicious, hearty table for the joy of family and friends, making the holiday enjoyable, bright and memorable. 

First of all, of course, you should decide on a hot one - will it be one signature dish or several, a classic or a fascinating culinary experiment? If a large number of people gather at the festive table, it will be more convenient to prepare one large dish for all than to spend time on portioned dishes for each guest. 
For example, Christmas meat with sauerkraut and potatoes. It is also much more practical to bake a large piece of meat, then to cut it in portions, than to cook a large number of chops. So, a 4-pound piece of meat will be enough for 12 people. All you need is to marinate it well, fill it if you wish, coat it with glaze and put it to the oven. You should admit that it is a child`s play. Turkey roll with bacon, "New Year's Feast" meat in the oven or oven-baked boiled pork - an excellent proof of this.

If you decide to bake poultry, then a 5-pound chicken or turkey is quite enough to feed eight people. Stuff it with prunes with walnuts and decorate with caramelized apples, oranges, and greens - this fantastically beautiful and incredibly tasty dish will lead your guests to indescribable delight. Baked chicken with potatoes and rosemary, "Surprise" stuffed chicken or duck with potatoes will look very festive on the table. Seafood lovers will surely appreciate the stuffed pike or baked fish rolls with vegetables.

Of course, every family has culinary traditions maintained for many years, but a holiday is an abundance and a riot of tastes, vivid emotions, and impressions, which means the best time to venture on culinary experiments and try gastronomic delights. Do not be afraid to combine traditional dishes with new and unusual - for example,  exotic appetizers and salads will complement the classic hot dish. Besides, the same classic can be served in the original version, completing it with a variety of ingredients, for example, to cook meat baked with pineapples or chicken kiwi chops with cheese. 

Christmas is a great occasion to make salads and snacks that you wanted but could not make for the New Year. And now you can slowly and without fuss do the dishes, the embodiment of which you had to postpone, as well as devote more time to decorating plates. Christmas potato salad, Bright Holiday salad, Stargazer layered salad, and Tsarsky salad will perfectly fit into the Christmas menu thanks to the excellent taste and festive appearance. 

At Christmas, you can also dream up with traditional New Year salads, presenting them in a new version. For example, your guests will be pleasantly surprised if you give them Russian salad with salmon or salt herring salad. Snacks can be approached no less creatively by preparing Christmas wreath canapés, stuffed with crab sticks or “Fungal pieces". 

The most straightforward options for meals are tartlets, the filling of which can be the most diverse, and stuffed eggs. Their preparation usually does not take much time. If you want to give these traditional snacks a touch of originality, make tartlets with crabmeat pies or eggs stuffed with herring.

The Christmas menu, perhaps, especially needs a sweet dessert, since the table for Christmas is usually not as lush as on the New Year, which means that by the end of the meal guests still have a little room for something tasty in the stomach. Therefore, traditional gingerbread, orange cake, Christmas cinnamon buns or the “Yule log" cake will fall in handy here. 

Each holiday has its taste, and at New Year's holidays it is, above all, the flavor of fragrant spices, so be sure to shade your desserts with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom or cloves. Also, add a festive touch of sweet dishes will help orange peel. Do not want to bother with baking? No problem! Beautifully decorated fruit plate, berry jelly, soft mousse, baked apples with dried apricots and nuts or hand-made truffles will also be an excellent final note in the Christmas menu.

In winter, more than ever, you want warmth and comfort, which is why warming spicy drinks are particularly topical on the menu. It can be mulled wine with lemon, honey grog or Christmas cacao with cream. It is better to exclude strong alcoholic drinks altogether and serve champagne, wines, liqueurs and homemade cocktails instead.

Christmas menu is another way to give your loved ones a tasty holiday, wrapping them with care and warmth of home comfort. Bon appetite and unlimited happiness in the coming year!

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