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How To Deal And Heal Things That Get Under The Skin

Ascending or descending a hilly region can be quite dangerous when you are enjoying a trip. You may stumble on cactus, spines, splinters or thorns at some point or the other. The sharp little things may prick the skin and cause wounds. So, rather than neglecting the injury, you would have to source a first-aid kit for dealing with the problem. But, before moving any step further, you should know how to treat a thorn puncture and tips you need to follow.
How To Deal And Heal Things That Get Under The Skin
Ways In Which You Can Treat A Thorn Puncture

Once you checking the first-aid kit, you should look for the items mentioned below
  • Small and pointed tweezers
  • A multi-purpose tool with springs and needle-nose pliers
  • A pocket knife with a sharp blade
  • A lighter for disinfecting the blade
  • Water and saline
  • Saline wash along with bandages and an antibiotic ointment

Before you climb the hill, make sure that you have taken a tetanus injection.


Initially, you need to disinfect the instrument while packing your bag. You can either heat the item with a lighter while you are traveling or use disinfectants. This would certainly help to clear away germs especially when you have to deal with things inside the skin.

In case you are planning to disinfect a needle with fire, then you can gather some wood and build a campfire. Later, you must hold the needle over the flame until it becomes slightly red in color. If you observe black soot, then you shouldn’t bother to wipe it off. Afterward, you should let the metal cool down in a natural way.

If you can spare time, then you can also boil the instrument for a time span of 20 minutes. Just pull out your smartphone and start checking the time through a stopwatch. Then you need to remove the instrument, allow it to cool down and clean it with a piece of cloth.

If you don’t prefer using fire, then you can use iodine or isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting the blade. Soon after soaking the instrument in the solution, you should stir it well and remove it after a couple of minutes.

The Best Way To Remove A Thorn Or Splinter

After sterilizing the instrument, you have to be smart in removing the pointed object. Never waste time removing the splinter or else it might lead to skin infection.
The Best Way To Remove A Thorn Or Splinter
Now, let’s look at the steps as elaborated below

Initially, you need to the flashlight on the affected area. Ideally, it’s better to use a headlamp so that you can direct the beam wherever you need to.

Now, you need to grab the splinter’s end using pliers or tweezers. If you are fortunate, then you have can figure out the end and grab it easily. But, if it’s buried deep then you need to prove with your fingers. A gentle backward and forward motion would help you yank out the splinter effortlessly.

In case of splinters buried inside the skin, you may have cut the skin with a scalpel. Do be careful while you are performing the task and make sure that you cut along the axis of the splinter. 

Now, you have to be tricky when it’s to pull out the splinter. Hold the tweezers firmly and take your time to remove the sharp object. In case the splinter breaks midway, then the job would be much harder than you have expected.

If a little bit of the object is still inside the skin, then that can lead to the formation of pus. However, the mild infection can also be the prime cause for fever. You may have to face the consequences if the area is not treated properly. So, over a period of time, it’s always a good idea to check for a skin infection and something serious like blood poisoning or septicemia.

Once the splinter is removed, you need to wash you’re the area with an antibacterial soap. A sterile bandage would help cover up the wound as it won’t be in direct contact with air.

Way For Removing Cactus Needles

If the end of the needle is clearly visible, then you can hold tweezers and pull it gently. For a needle buried inside the skin, you need to trace the tip and push it out with a gentle hand.
Way For Removing Cactus Needles
Next, you need to brush off glochids with the help of nylon stocking. Before taking any step, you have to wear gloves spread nylon pantyhose. After a few seconds, the adhesive power of the tape would aid in dealing with glochids without any skin irritation.

For the cactus hair, you should apply some rubber cement with a cotton swab. As soon as the adhesive dries out, the edges can be pulled out steadily and slowly. Try repeating the process several times during the day so that you would be able to remove many needles.

In case the area starts paining, then you should take a standard dose of acetaminophen.

In the end, you have to dress the wound and clean the area with fresh water. Once the dirt has been removed completely, you shouldn’t forget to apply an antibiotic cream.

Way For Removing Porcupine Quills

As you scan the area for quills, you should use hemostats or flat head pliers. As hold the object, you should position the hemostats just above the area. 
Way For Removing Porcupine Quills
Once you have pulled the quill slowly, you shouldn’t twist it since it’s likely to break. Always think about pulling the object at the same angle at which it had entered the skin.

Later, you have to scan the area and check whether there are broken quills. Get in touch with the doctor in such a situation. If you are unable to go to the doctor, then you should sterilize tongs, let them cool down and remove the broken tip from the wound.

Now, you need to wipe the wound with a cotton ball soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide. Sterile alcohol pads that come with first-aid kits would also be useful. Think about using a mild soap if nothing is available at the medical store.

You then have to apply an antibiotic cream, wrap them with a bandage and monitor the wounds for infection. In case the pain persists, then you should take a rabies vaccine as quickly as possible. 

Finally, you should always reduce the chances of getting pricked when you are moving around. To keep yourself away from porcupines, you should always step out when the animals are inactive. 


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