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What Is Clean Eating and How to Eat Clean Right

Our feeling healthy by 80% depends upon the food we eat. It means that we should give our body what it requires. Include natural products into your food ration. Stay away from food which is processed industrially with artificial supplementations.

A «clean» eater will leave boiled products or what is packed in plastic in the supermarket. One does not have to count calories by eating clean food. Such food will make it to where you are to lose extra pounds without any harm to your health.
10 Rules of Clean Eating

Food intake.  Main food intakes: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, slight snacks in-between. However, if you do not feel hungry, refuse from having snacks or replace the main food intake with it. 

Cut down boiled salt consumption. Many people consume too much salt. Keeping healthy eating it is highly recommended to refuse from refined, cleaned by chemical means salt because there are substances, which are able to cause allergyanddo harm to the nervous system, especially children suffer from the white salt. Use freezing salt only. Sea-salt and Himalayan salt are good choices.

Combineproteinswithcarbohydrates. Combination of protein products withcarbohydratehelps to avoid the strong touches of hunger. Although refuse from the empty carbohydrates, such as sugar, white bread, noodle products, potatoes. If you want to lose weight, do not consume starchy foods for the night, except for vegetables.

More seasonal vegetables and fruits. Raw, boiled smoothie, all these things should be a part of your food ration, if you are a healthy living follower. Everything that is to attract in the department of fruits and vegetable, is to be on your table.

More good fats instead of bad. A body requires saturated fats for metabolic processes. Saturated fats are butter, ghi, coconut oil, red palm oil.   Avoid trans-fats, received artificially. Margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, chips. Consume more olive oil and stop using sweat oil while cooking. 

Refined oil is the reason for inflammatory conditions. Butter oil is better for braising and grilling, especially when it comes to cooking at moderately high temperatures. 

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Refuse from aspartame. IT is a dipeptide sweetener. Consuming this product leads to chronic fatigue, depression, headache, muscle cramps, allergies…
What Is Clean Eating and How to Eat Clean Right
There is no evidence that aspartame does harm health if you are not going to refuse from this product, for now, cut it down. You should know that there is aspartame in many fizzy drinks, bubble gums, cough syrup, sweets, yoghurts and even vitamins.  It is frightful to think of the fact that everything children and pregnant women eat contains aspartame.

Have a breakfast every morning. Having a breakfast every morning, you will never feel hungry like a wolf by the lunchtime. Morning food intake, nutritionally dense, strengthens concentration and immune system. Perfect breakfast consists of carbohydrates and proteins, for example, muesli, fruits, berries and natural yoghurt. Choose muesli without stabilizers and food additives.

Have diverse food in order for your body to receive all the necessary substances for normal functioning. 

Drink water and refuse from alcoholic drinks. Drink just water if you feel thirsty. Water makes the necessary substances flow where they are needed. Alcoholinsteadisapoison. It has to be removed from the body before other metabolic processes begin.

Avoid additives. Excludeproductscontaining food grade dye, preservatives, food flavours. Many readymade products contain them, such as chips, dry breadcrumbs. Read a list of ingredients attentively, the easier it is to read, the less non-natural substances it contains. 

Cutsugarconsumption. Manyproductscontainrefinedsugar. Eventually, it will make it to where you gain weight or get diabetes. Simple carbohydrates are hidden behind such names as maltodextrin and dextrose. You would never guess when you are to find them, for example, in sausages. Stevia is going to be very much in use, which is a natural sweetener containing 0 calories, diabetics can have it and people suffering from obesity. One can use it for baking just as well. 

Many parents set a limit on sweets for their children or even do not give them any at all. It is undoubtedly the right decision. A child`s immune system suffers from sugar. Calcium is lost in the process of the white poison processing and we see dental caries as a result let alone fragile bones. The deadliest is that sugar is food for cancer cells. Before setting a limit on sweets for your little one, refuse from it by yourself. A parent is the first teacher for one`s child and s/he should not teach what s/he does not do by him/herself. 

About the author: Melisa Marzett leads a healthy lifestyle, she goes in for sports, eats healthy and writes a lot because writing is her passion. Currently, she writes for looking for more editorial opportunities. She is very curious by nature, which is why she is up for writing on anything. 


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